Antique Circa 1850’s Ambrotype Portrait in Black Frame with Tortoiseshell coloured mount.

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To describe this antique portrait as other worldly is so apt, as it speaks of a time before modern photography. A time when couples posed in their Victorian finery. One can only wonder what the occasion was that preceded the sitting. Speculation aside, an ambrotype is comprised of an underexposed glass negative placed against a dark background. The dark backing material creates a positive image. The effect is exquisite. Ghostly even, as depending on the reflective light, the couple in the image reveal or conceal themselves to the eye. A very very special piece to treasure. 

Please Note there are some losses to the frame and beading, as depicted in the pictures. 

Dimensions: Approx. 28cm h  x 26 cm w

Disclaimer - All of our vintage pieces are in good working condition (unless noted otherwise) and show patina consistent with age, which adds to their beauty and character and is not considered a defect. 

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