Beni Ourain Cushion - TWO


Our Beautiful Beni cushions are created from vintage hand-woven Beni Ourain woollen rugs, made by the Berber Tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Each Beni is a one-of-a-kind, diamond pattern in cream and black. Full of character and soul, their vintage nature means they contain some irregularities, which only make them more beautiful and special in our eyes. The plush texture, patina, palette and patterning of our Benis, will transform any interior from contemporary to classic, eclectic to boho, making your rooms sumptuous and storied.   

Back Story

We had these Beni Ourain cushions custom made for Love after Love and patiently waited many months for them to make their way from the Atlas Mountains to our shores, as their wonderful women weavers celebrated and navigated their families, festivals and seasons. They do not, for example weave during the day during their scorching summers – and who could blame them?! How lovely to think of these skilled hands, when you hold one of our Benis, in yours.  

Product details & Care instructions: 

Dimensions: Approx 50x50cm

Materials: 100% wool. Feather infill

Care instructions: Dry clean, without infill. 

Back is plain, textured & cream. 


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