Swedish Gotland Sheepskin


Incredibly rare, silky in texture and utterly divine from top to bottom. The Gotland breed can be traced back to the vikings and have been carefully cultivated in Sweden ever since. With so few producers worldwide, Gotlands are exceptionally sought after and special. Their dense pelts, silky ringlet curls that are gloriously soft, their natural shape and colour and hues ranging from light to mid to dark grey are just some of their attributes that we adore. Undyed, and adhering to the strictest ethical sourcing guidelines, they have been tanned using the gentlest methods available, making them perfectly safe for people and pets alike. 

Please scroll through all pictures for examples of different hides available. As they are a natural product, you will notice that they vary in size, colour and sometimes texture. Should you wish to choose a specific sheepskin, please include the number of your preferred picture in your order notes. 

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