Art-Deco Cloud Glass Lamp


Known as 'The Good Companion Table Lamp' this amber diamond patterned cloud glass lamp,  made by renowned English Davidson Glass Company, is in perfect working order and beautiful condition, with no visible imperfections but a small chip beneath the silver cap, which is unseen when the lamp is assembled.  

Giving off the most gorgeous warm glow, both lit and unlit, the lamp 'designed to tone with a room of almost any period, with the diamond design catching and reflecting the light and with the innovative provision of the shade being tiltable' was coveted by discerning collectors, who cherished them and passed them on within their families. As such, few of them are still available today.  As  gorgeous now as it was then, we are thrilled to have found this very special piece to offer to you and yours. x  

Dimensions: approx 37cm

Sydney pick up only.  Shipping priced on application. Please email for a quote.

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