Cocoa Votive/Gin Tumbler - Espresso Scale


Sold Individually.

These special gin tumblers/votives are handmade and total textured heaven! Mix back with the Cocoa Votives in "Mint Choc-Chip" for a varied but relational effect that is low on effort but delivers major style points! Amp up the glamour even further by mixing back with a vintage decanter. So chic! 

The glass is handpicked and then mouth-blown into a metal mould that is crafted as per the shape of the glass. Once blown it goes into a chamber and after 72 hours it is sent for handcrafting, cutting and carving into the final shape.

Human hands craft these outstanding works of art. Each hurricane, vase, votive and tumbler varies product to product and hand to hand, making it exclusive, rare, unexampled and incredible!

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