Fettuccine Multi Bracelet - Black Leather


A sleek version of the multi-strand bracelet, this double wrap bracelet features black textured strands which are combined to create a versatile look. Accentuated by a brushed black rhodium-plated thin square sterling silver button clasp.

Style tips - this stack features the Abyss Bracelet - Onyx & Grey Shell, the Fettuccine Multi Bracelet, the Nugget Bracelet in Spiderweb Jasper & the Sleek Pop Bracelet in Sterling Silver.

M - 39.5cm (wraps twice around wrist)

L -  41cm ( wraps twice around wrist)

Top Tip: Take a piece of paper or string, wrap it around your wrist so that it feels snug but comfortable. Mark where it overlaps and using a standard ruler, measure the length of the marked section and compare it against the size guide above to find your perfect fit.

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