Maeve LED Lamp – Green


Dimensions: Approx.  Height 18cm x 18 Wide x 8 Deep

Why we love it :

With lighting cables becoming a thing of the past,  the flexible, portable Maeve LED lamp can be positioned anywhere in a room allowing you to be a lot more creative with your lighting scheme, illuminating areas you never thought possible. The translucent hue of the glass creates such a unique soft glow. The glass rim has a rustic finish. What’s not to adore? 

From the centre of coffee tables, to the middle of bookcases, from the kitchen island to the middle of the garden, by the side of the bath, to down the garden path you can literally take this lamp anywhere and everywhere and become a lot more fluid with your decorative style. There are so many possibilities with a cordless battery powered LED lamp.

Battery requirements (not included): 2 x AAA
High quality rechargeable batteries can be used.

Please note: The bulb is fixed and therefore should not be removed
Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth. We do not recommend leaving these products outside permanently, bring indoors when not in use or in poor weather.

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