Salvage Irish Linen "WISH" Ornament


This gorgeous hand-made, Irish Linen Ornament adds the perfect celestial sparkle to any tree. Exclusively to Love After Love in Australia, we are besotted by these bejeweled beauties and the story of their creation. 

Katie Larmour is an Irish designer and maker who specialises in creating luxury items from Irish linen. The undyed, oatmeal linen used for these decorations has become synonymous with Katie's designs, as have the hand-applied embellishments which add subtle sparkle wherever they're placed. These trinkets are for every year and every occasion and have been inspired by memories of their maker as well as traditional Irish folklore. 

“Irish Linen has always been around me - from my childhood in Northern Ireland, right through to the present day. Growing up, I could see a host of huge linen mills and factory chimneys still dotted across the city skyline’, -  “At the start of the 18th century my forbears in the Larmour family came to Ireland with a great influx of French Huguenots who brought with them their new tools, techniques, and artisan skills to firmly establish the linen industry in Northern Ireland, and see it rise to a become a world leader in textiles. This is the tradition to which I am adding my particular vision.”


Handcrafted with beautiful and traditional 100% Irish linen certified by the Irish Linen Guild and sourced from one of last remaining linen mills still active in Ireland today. A portion of the beading is reclaimed.

Dimensions: Approx 8-10cm. Due to the hand-made nature of these decorations, individual pieces may vary slightly in size. 

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