Small Water Hyacinth Tray


Dimensions: Approx 40cm diameter

Why we love it:

Our water hyacinth trays, with their beautiful woven texture, are a must-have for cocktail hour. As with the perfect platter, abundance is key when styling. Think a bottle of your favourite gin, some savoury snacks and of course, glassware for serving. Available in small and large sizes, they can be nestled together for maximum impact and ease, or used on their own for a simpler arrangement. These are also beautiful on a coffee table or ottoman for extra stability. 

Please note: As these are a hand-made product, each tray will vary slightly in exact dimensions and also placement of the handles (see photo for example of handles which are not perfectly even). Water Hyacinth is quite a flexible product so for any trays with handles that do not lay perfectly flat, you may be able to manipulate them into a position that you prefer. 

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