Vintage Pineapple Brass Lamp with Indian Block Print Pineapple Shade


More is more and less is a bore!  For the love of pineapples! How beautiful is this one off beauty? We just couldn’t resist this Indian block print fabric to crown this perfect pineapple base.

Measurements: Overall height 79cm. (Base 55cm. Shade 31cm)


Few things are as transformative in decorating as great lighting!!!  We’ve always had a thing for it - lamps especially. To be totally honest it’s a complete obsession. (Not weird at all, is it, to track down a shopkeeper from the Marais in Paris and beg her to come back from holidays to sell us a lamp the front window of her store (closed for the entire summer)?  Or to cart a large yack skin shade from an antique dealer in West Hollywood across the USA to our son’s wedding and then back home to Australia as extreme excess baggage? It needed its own taxi! We’ve got lamps everywhere at home, in every room – table, pendants, wall sconces, floor lamps, you name it, dressing everything from consoles to side tables; coffee tables to nooks in stairwells and bookcases. Even and especially in our bathrooms. What could be more divine than bathing by lamp light! Moonlight maybe? We just can’t get enough of the glowing pockets of light and the intimate ambience lamps create. Not to mention how brilliant they are highlighting or disguising architectural detail and making everyone bathed in their soft warm glow look gorgeous!

To be making our own collection of lamps is a long-held dream come true. Sourcing antique /vintage and quirky bases, from across the globe and then making shades in a wide range of shapes and fabrics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s a lamp that you’re dreaming of too, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

Please note each base and shade are sold together and compliant with Australian Lighting Standards.

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