Meet The Maker - Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home

by Jessie Combe

Heather Taylor is a Californian Craftswoman and Creative; A passionate Angeleno who’s love for her city, family and craft is the beating heart of her eponymous home goods and textiles brand, Heather Taylor Home. Whilst the brand was launched in 2013, Taylor’s concept feels exceptionally prescient right now, in a time where intimate gatherings with those we love have taken on a new resonance. Being a gifted weaver and embroiderer herself, Taylor has always understood and appreciated deeply the restorative nature of time and of using one’s hands to create. However, the past year has driven Taylor to design more purposefully than ever before, using her brand as a vehicle for social contribution through her #masksforaction initiative.

From the Los Angeles-based design studio, through the gifted hands of weavers in Chiapas, Mexico and now, to Love After Love, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Heather Taylor Home.

Heather, tell us the story of you! Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? 

I grew up in Malibu, CA riding my bike and going to the beach with my parents and sister. For vacations we travelled all around California, exploring the beautiful national parks. 

Tell us the story of Heather Taylor Home. How does storytelling find a place in your brand? 

There is an element of storytelling every time you sit down for a meal and invite people to join you around the table. When considered thoughtfully, all of the details - from the lighting and decor to the tastes and smells - can create a lasting impression. 

Scarlet Tablecloth & Goldenrod Multistripe Napkin

If you had to distill Heather Taylor Home down to one feeling or word, what would it be? Maybe another way of asking this is, what lies at the very heart of HTH? 

“Home is where the heart is” sums things up pretty succinctly. We always go back to the word “Cozy”. 

So, you started with table linen – what led you there? 

I have always loved entertaining and couldn’t find table linens that felt classic but also fresh and modern. Identifying a hole in the market feels like a great jumping off point for starting a new endeavour. 

And how did you end up manufacturing in Mexico. Can you tell us a little about the hands behind the pieces? 

Mexico is one of the few places in the world that still weaves by hand, which was very important to us. As a weaver myself I love that we are able to work with weavers who have been passing the craft down from generation to generation. I’ve now taught my daughter to weave, knit and needlepoint. The craft is very meaningful to me. 

From where/what/whom do you draw inspiration? 

Everywhere- books, magazines, movies, flea markets, flowers, my friends and family. My daughters. Old Martha Stewart books. 

You’ve collaborated with some amazing creatives including Dôen and Clare Vivier. Who would be your dream collaborator? 

Ina Garten 

One of the reasons we are so drawn to your brand is for its democratic approach to decorating. It is classic, sophisticated and put together but also fun, easy, unfussy and versatile. We love that our customers can buy a whole look that is perfect straight away or can build an eclectic collection over time. In your opinion, what are the failsafe ingredients to a beautiful table? 

Only bring pieces into your home that you really love or have sentimental value to you. Collections will begin to emerge. 

Key ingredients for a beautiful table include - classic linens, a colorful centerpiece, candles (if at night), clean white plates. I love handmade placecards if the situation calls for it. 

Your two gorgeous daughters, Scarlett & Goldie, often feature on your Instagram @heathertaylorhome (we’re obsessed!). Has motherhood changed the way that you work or influenced your brand in unexpected ways? 

Thank you! Yes 100%. I build my company with them in mind and with mothers in mind.  

Image via @heathertaylorhome 

Community has been a foundational value of Love After Love since the very beginning but in 2020, we saw the notion of community and communities in action resonate on a deeper level than we could have imagined. Can you tell us a bit about your #masksforaction initiative? How it started and what it means to you? 

Finding ways to partner with organizations around us and give back means everything to us. When the pandemic began we decided to make masks quickly with the idea that we would donate 500 of them. One of my mentors suggested that we sell them and donate one for everyone that we sell. Almost a year later we have donated almost 100,000 masks. This project has helped me find purpose during this very tragic and destabilizing time. 

Heather Taylor Home is stocked at leading retailers, Cutter Brooks, Le Bon Marché and now, Love After Love. You can shop the collection here.

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