Wayuu Pom Pom Small Bag - Tangerine


Dimensions: Height 15cm, + Handle 16cm, Base 12cm

Why we love it: 

The perfect day or evening accessory - big enough for essentials, but small enough to clutch tight. Each bag is beautifully tactile and handwoven by our artisans in the desert lands of La Guajira, in the most northern part of Colombia.

Handwoven by the Women of the Wayuu Tribe 
The Wayuu tribe occupy the harsh desert lands in the north of Colombia and into Venezuela. It is said that the art of weaving was taught to their ancestors by a mythical spider called Waleker. To this day, the art remains a sacred part of their culture and identity. Each Wayuu piece is beautifully handwoven by just one woman and can take 20 to 30 days to complete.

Back Story 
‘I’m not sure if it’s childhood memories of cutting circles from cardboard (mine were always wonky as I couldn’t steer the scissors) and then winding wool over them, making a couple of snips ad ties, watching them transform before my very eyes, into fabulous fluffy playful new things - but I’ve always really loved pom poms. Even the word makes me smile. Pom Pom. So, when we found these gorgeous bags on our recent European travels it was a no brainer, we just had to track down who made them and hope they would want to work with us. To our delight they did and the story behind Columbia Collective; the company and women who make these treasures, is just as inspiring as their offering.’ Catherine Creative Director LAL 

Colombia Collective - The Brand 
The Colombia Collective works directly with artisan communities across Colombia (no middlemen) merging traditional techniques with modern design. The result is beautifully hand-crafted designs that offer just as much soul, as they do style. No to mention the support and preservation of precious artisanal skills and communities. 
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