Amethyst Balloton Tumbler


8.5cm D x 10.5cm H.

Handmade using a Venetian glassblowing technique. Dishwasher Safe.

Why we love it:

Sultry hue and finish. Mixing and matching coloured glassware changes up the entire look and mood of your table and entertaining. Try combining different patterns and colours, to create your own eclectic table-scape.  Or choose one palette and keep it textural using different sizes and patterns.   The beauty of buying a range of colours is that you can play and create to suit your mood, the food, your guests and the seasons.


Federico de Majo, founder and designer of Zafferano, spent hours as a young boy playing in the attic of his grandmother’s terrace where he came upon collections of the prized family glassware. This is where he found his love of brilliant glass…..the way it glowed seized him with wonder and stirred emotions that started his passion with glass. Federico’s desire to learn more took him from streets of the local towns through old junk dealers, refined antique shops and old country houses where his discerning eye took it all in. He started in the family business on the isle of Murano in the seventies. He learned from the skillful hands of the masters how to create the stunning hand blown and artistic glass that had captured his imagination as a child. Federico is devoted to his art …designing and creating collections of stunning glassware that bring dreams and emotions to life. His collections for Zafferano have distinguished themselves at an international level for originality and creativity in a very short time.

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