Clear Hobnail Carafe


This carafe has a capacity of 2L and is lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Why we love it:

A statement piece that is perfect for every home and office, reflecting the most beautiful light where ever it is placed. Pair with a single hobnail tumbler for a desk-side hydration station, fill with fresh cut flowers or wine for your next dinner party. 

About the Brand: 

Nestled in the ‘Crystal Valley’ mountain region of the Czech Republic, the kilns of KLIMCHI studios have been used by glass artisans to sculpt bohemian crystal since 1905. It was then 2019 when entrepreneur Lukas Klimcak brought new life to the workshops. Inspired by the dramatic landscape of the region, Lukas and his new team now bring an exciting and youthful vision to his family’s tradition of handmade glass production.

In-store pickup available

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