Modern World Handbag


Height: 15cm / Width: 14cm / Depth: 6cm 

Composition: Brass Body, Natural Jute Lining, Wooden handle with pearl feature. 

This bag fits an iphone plus and other necessities.

Given the completely handmade nature of the bag there may be slight variations in size and small imperfections, commensurate with hand crafting techniques. 

Why we love it: 

This Modern World Handbag is handcrafted using a technique that is unique to the hand that gives each piece its distinctive character. The wooden bar handle with its pearl detail and a distinctive clasp makes this piece timeless. This piece also lends itself as a beautiful ornament to display within your home.

Our bags are functional and ornamental; pieces of art for your home and to carry with you. They are intended to be kept forever and passed on. Each piece is unique and super scootchy.

About Hold Label:

The Hold was born through a love of beautiful form, contrasting textures and natural materials. It is our belief that when something is made by hand, it imbues a sentimentality that is not only an ode to the artisan but also to keeping traditional craft alive.

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