Garzas Blancas Canvas Print

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Dimensions: 120 x 90cm

Printed on recycled paper, bonded to cotton toile canvas. 

Why we love it:

In a small village of the Tarn, Roquecourbe, France, these exquisite wall hangings are brought to life.

Printed on recycled paper, each print is then worked manually, to create an aged patina, before being affixed to a cotton toile canvas, making them as durable and practical as they are beautiful and unique. Prints are limited edition. In the case of a print being part of an exclusive collaboration with an artist, they are numbered and signed by the artist on an authenticity certificate on the reverse of the canvas.

Ready for you to hang or frame how ever you desire. Endless inspiration abounds for different hanging and framing methods. We suggest taking your time to find the right one that suits your surrounds. 

You can purchase a pair of wooden batons separately if that is your preferred hanging method. A pair of batons for this size piece is $70.  


About the Artist: 

Carol Moreno Lara, is a Spanish muralist painter, born in Barcelona. She discovered her passion for painting during childhood. In 2005, she created her own studio, and began working for different interior designers internationally, as well as exhibiting in various galleries.

"My work is the result of my deep love for painting, an invitation to enter my dreamlike universe"

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