Japanese Cotton Yuyu Bottle - Sky Blue Stripe



L 81 x W 13cm.

Materials: Sri Lankan rubber bottle. Japanese 100 % cotton Nautical Sky Blue Stripe cover.

Why we love it

YUYU wearable hot water bottles are the world’s first luxury long hot water bottles. Ours is dressed in a beautiful Japanese 100% cotton cover. A wonderful innovation on the traditional hot water bottle, easily tied around your body leaving your hands free with the extendable strap feature, the long-shape and design means you get more healing heat across the body, soothing aches and pains. Whether you are easing your body aches and pains through targeted heat therapy or freezing your YUYU to cool your body down, the breathable cotton covers makes it the ideal covers for both warm and cold use.

Perhaps this is why elite 5 Star hotels such as The Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz and The Four Seasons like to surprise their VIP guests with luxurious YuYu's.  A top 20 best seller at Harrods, this full body experience is making people’s lives just that little bit more wonderful.

Details & care instructions:

Requires approximately 1.2L of water (no more than one kettle) to fill, cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle trap air within the fabric making it stay warmer for longer.

Your Yuyu cover can be machine washed at 30 degrees. 

In-store pickup available

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