Kanika Blue Orion Lumbar Cushion, feather infill


Dimensions: 30x50cm

Hand Embroidered Velour Cushion with Feather Infill.  Petrol blue with tan and white accents.

Why we love it:

Exclusive to Love After Love this exquisite collection of hand-embroidered cushions are an extraordinary example of craftsmanship and global aesthetics. Created from the softest velour and adorned with unique embroidery, they will bring beauty, vitality, colour, and texture to your décor. The contrasting border infolding the cushion, both frames and focuses the fine craftsmanship. The back is made of plain cotton with a hidden zipper for an elegant luxurious finish. And the interior of the cushion is just as delightful, with a fine gauze protecting the rear of the embroidery.

Each cushion is the result of many hours of meticulous craftsmanship and is a deeply personal and luxurious addition to your décor. Gorgeous grouped together or mixed back with plains or other patterns 

In-store pickup available

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