Mesmerising Murano Mid Century Art Glass Vase

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 What can we say of this vase that it doesn’t say on its own by its sheer beauty and presence? Hand crafted in Italy and beautifully proportioned, it features honey, lemon and white hues and mesmerising patterning. Goodness only knows how those artisans achieve these effects. Many years ago, on a trip to Venice we visited a Murano glass factory, where seeing did not mean believing, as it was almost impossible to comprehend the skill of the glass blowers; the beauty being made in front of us. The vase is in beautiful condition. No cracks or chips.

Dimensions – Approx 22cm high

 Vase Gift Idea

It’s a no brainer that any of our handpicked vases have been sourced especially for you to have your tada moment!! They make a thoughtful gift alone or presented with a posie of your beloved’s favourite flowers.

Support your local florist or pick your own flowers from the garden. Perhaps your special person has a favourite flower? My late, dear dear old dad grew the most glorious crimson camellias, so for Mum I will make a posie of these along with freesias (her favourite scent) as a gift from him. As a way of both dad and I saying, ‘We love you.’

 Disclaimer - All of our vintage pieces are in good working condition (unless noted otherwise) and show patina consistent with age, which adds to their beauty and character and is not considered a defect.

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