Monkey with Fez Candle - Espresso


Priced individually.  Each Monkey with a Fez comes boxed in beautiful gift box made from recycled material. Each measure 6.75" h x 2.75" w x 3.75 " d. 35 hour burn time. 100% Beeswax with a cotton wick. 

Why we love it:

As a family, we have always collected Monkeys with Fezzes - truly, it's our obsession! Whenever we see a gorgeous one, he has to come home with us. We've collected candlesticks, lamp bases, book-ends, you name it! So naturally when we found this distinguished gentleman amongst Greentree Home Candle's delightful collection, we couldn't resist. Such a gorgeous ornament for mantle or side table. Burn him if you dare! 

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