Natural Linen Rustic Runner


Dimensions: 42cm x 150cm’s 

Why we love it:

Gorgeous addition to your table, run vertically or horizontally. Nubbly and natural. This is the piece you have searched for. It’s one you will covet, use and reimagine year-round. 

Lovely Linen 
Designed in Sweden and made from 100% European Linen in an earthy colour palette you will fall in love with. Rustic and ripe for layering. Easy care machine wash and tumble dry.
Linen is designed to endure... it's natural lustre and soft texture only improve with use and age.  Relaxed and elegant. Mix and match with our napkins to create a beautiful table. Pair with our handmade glasses and Sthal dinnerware to set a stylish European mise en place.

In-store pickup available

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