Pair of Brass Ganesha Figures


Two beautiful little vintage Lord Ganesha brass figurines. Sold as a pair.


18cm high & 14cm high. 

Why we love them: 

Ganeshas are popular throughout the Hindu world in India and South East Asia and represent the removal of obstacles and good fortune in your home and life. There are a lot of varieties and by looking at the carving for elements that bring differing properties, you can see the intention of the idol. 

This particular pair show Lord Ganesha standing which signifies activity and action. The taller, at 18cm, shows him playing the Tabla Drums in a festive mood and with a straight trunk, signifying alignment with oneself. 

The slightly smaller of the pair, at 14cm, has the trunk to the left which is the most auspicious placing and also has Ganesha's companion mouse with him, signifying that he has his desires under control. 

Together, this exotic pairing symbolise action, control, balance, positive energy and good fortune. 

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