Petrified Wood Votives - Medium


Dimensions: Approx. 8cm H, 10cm W

Why we love it: 

We gasped when we first saw these beauties. Everything about them took our breath away, from their arresting rich hues and striations; to their polish and weight and the mind-boggling nature of how they came to be. To say they are other worldly is literally true, as Petrified Wood is a unique fossil that journeys from wood to stone, under the rarest of conditions, over thousands to millions of years. The transformation of natural vegetive elements into exquisite minerals is almost beyond comprehension and stands as a symbol of time itself, lit from within. Honed and polished they are not only objects-de-art but votives, that can accommodate a tea light or candle as per our photographs. Grouped or alone they are each unique and exquisite and make the most elegant poetic gift to give when ‘time’ and or ‘light’ is of the essence. 

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