Portuguese Pitcher - Clear



Wash by hand or in the dishwasher. The pigments are integrated into the sand of which the glass is made. Therefore, the glass is coloured to the core.


Why we love it:

Mixing and matching coloured glassware changes up the entire look and mood of your table and entertaining. Try combining different patterns and colours, to create your own eclectic table-scape.  Or choose one palette and keep it textural using different sizes and patterns.    

The beauty of buying a range of colours is that you can play and create to suit your mood, the food, your guests and the seasons.

Van Verre glassware is crafted using the traditions of Portuguese glass blowers, dating back centuries, in which hot glass cools in hand made moulds before it is cut and polished. Each piece is unique. Van Verre’s custom colours in this collection are inspired by the Dutch painter Rembrandt, providing a palette of both winter and summer shades.


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