Reclining Ganesha

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Dimensions: 26cm W x 28cm H x 14cm D

Weight 4kg. 

Why we love it: 

Ganeshas are popular throughout the Hindu world in India and SE Asia and represent the removal of obstacles and good fortune in your home and life. This exotic rendition of Ganesha has him reclining on a day bed pillow, which symbolizes comfort and luxury, and he has all the right accoutrements. He has his trunk to the left which is the most auspicious placing and also has Ganesha’s companion mouse with him signifying that he has his desires under control. The lower left hand has some food near his trunk (prosperity) whilst his upper arms carry his axe and rope for the despatching of problems and worries. A beautiful quality casting in brass, weighing in at a hefty 4kg, this is one of those pieces that we are genuinely sad to part with.

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