Set of 3 Heart Pendants


Dimensions: 12, 19 & 32cm.

Why we love it:

How could we not fall in love with these delicate French beauties?!  Sold as a set of three, to grace their surroundings and evoke a little whimsy and love. Gorgeous as an ornament, gift or decoration; propped or hung on a Christmas tree. Or styled year-round as a little reminder of love. We have one hanging from a dried Magnolia branch in the family room and another on the front door that welcomes and reminds all who enter or just pass by, that home is where the heart is.   

About the brand: 

Founded in 2013 by Jean-Christophe Miquel, Merci Louis seeks to honour the opulence, exuberance and rigour of the 17th and 18th centuries through hand-crafted finishes and a focus on time-worn patinas. Though Miquel looks to the past for inspiration, his creations are contemporary in their practical application and playful interpretation.

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