Silky Tassel - Onyx


Approx:  12x 2cm

Note the tassels are sold as a silk tassel with a key ring. The cast bronze finished fobs in the picture are sold separately so you can mix and match. The keys are styling props.

Why we love it: 

Our silky tassels with aged bronzed Byzantine caps are hand crafted in Turkey. Available in five opulent colours, they are designed to be paired back with our key fobs. Choose your favourite colour or change them seasonally to build a wardrobe of key accessories.

Care instructions:

All textiles will show patina with handling, so treat them with care. If a thread strays, we find it’s best to trim it rather than pull it and that a little steaming does wonders to plump up your tassels if they look a little too loved, over time.  

In-store pickup available

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