Small Hand-Forged Candle Stick


Dimensions: 22cm x 7.5cm base


Why we love it:

Simple, elegant, slightly rustic, perfect for a wide range of interior styles from classic to industrial to minimal; few things shift the mood in a room like candlelight. Designed in France, available in two sizes. We love them grouped in odd numbers of varying heights. A gorgeous gift to give to one, who is the light in your life. 

About the brand: 

Founded in 2013 by Jean-Christophe Miquel, Merci Louis seeks to honour the opulence, exuberance and rigour of the 17th and 18th centuries through hand-crafted finishes and a focus on time-worn patinas. Though Miquel looks to the past for inspiration, his creations are contemporary in their practical application and playful interpretation.

In-store pickup available

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