Small Tamegroute Pedestal Bowl - Vert


Note: All Tamegroute pieces are perfectly imperfect with rugged edges, pitting and variances in colour considered part of their charm. Please consider this before purchasing as returns based on the rustic nature of these items will not be accepted.

Care Instructions – Hand wash.

Dimensions: Approx 15-17cm diameter. 

Why we love it:

The richly textured surface of each beautiful bowl makes each piece an authentic work of art, to use or display. One bowl on its own will add visual intrigue to your decor or a set can be a luxurious grouping of artisanal items. We love mixing both of the green and ochre colour ways and using them on the dining table as well as for display. Piled with seasonal fruit, pine cones, shells; whatever delights your eye. Authentic, eclectic, textured, hand-made heaven.

Tamegroute Pottery

On the edge of the Sahara Desert lies Tamegroute a small village with a rich and vibrant history of craftsmen who specialise in highly collectable pottery. Using an ancient Berber recipe known to only seven Atelier families, each with their own earth kilns, built into the slopes of the countryside; Tamegroute pottery is entirely handmade and exhibits all signs of human endeavour. Imperfections, rugged edges and pitting from the potting process and kiln shelf placement, where the pieces nestle when baked, are signature to these unique rustic pieces. 

With a unique crafting process that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 17th century, the artisans source all their raw materials from nature. The green glaze consists of manganese, silicon and copper. And it’s the copper together with the clay from the Draa river-bed that forms the characteristic green colour. Whilst the ochre/ brown hue, is produced when the copper is replaced with iron oxide.  Authentic, eclectic, textured, hand-made heaven.

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