Taka Glass Vase - Fern


Dimensions:  Approx. 20cm high. 14cm diam.

Please note these are sold individually.

Why we love it:

The Taka Vase is a tall, straight-sided vase that is mouth-blown from 100% recycled glass. It features a decorative band detail that is mouth-blown and applied by hand so it will vary on each vase, making each one unique! The design of the Taka Vase was created for a friend of the makers.  Taka is the owner of HP Deco in Japan and decorated his restaurant with an array of these lovely vases, elevating the ambiance with their understated elegance.

About the brand: 

La Soufflerie, a family- owned and operated company was created in 2009 by husband and wife, Valentina and Sebastien Nobile, whose raison d’etre is preserving the ancestral art of glassblowing.
From their studio workshop in Paris, La Soufflerie uses precise tools and processes to create original, timeless tableware, hand-blown from recycled glass. Their exquisite attention to detail lends refinement and modernity to a centuries-old craft, upholding glassware traditions that we can all enjoy every day. Each piece is uniquely crafted, rich in lustre, hue, visual texture and story and designed to be multi-purpose.

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