Vintage Figural Monkey Lamp Base with Alice Palmer Tangier Stripe Shade



This cheeky chap in his burnished vestments is a pure delight, sitting atop a composite base, holding aloft an Alice Palmer cotton canvas shade in Tangier Stripe. Simultaneously whimsical and classical. We're obsessed; Tony (Mr LAL) in particular who has a fondness for monkeys in all sorts of decorative iterations. Not to mentions Monkeys with Fez's - don't get me started!!


Dimensions – Approx. 67cm’s overall height with shade. Shipping is $80 for lamps due to their size and fragility.

Monkey Business

In France, from the 1720s to the1770s, the Louis XV style was developing as a light and feminine decor with a strong Oriental influence, a little looser from the gilded exuberance and straight lines of Louis XIV. This Chinese influence brought forth the style now known as Chinoiserie, which means in the Chinese manner.

Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s chief mistress, gave an immense support to artists and artisans. She favoured the Chinese influence and was instrumental in the importation of Oriental art and a later development of another style: Singerie, from the hands of artists Pillement and Christophe Huet who brought forth the Mandarin pagoda, ladders, parasols, Oriental foliage and the iconic monkey, which was a symbol of luck in Chinese culture. The French rococo period saw singerie flourish. Vive la Monkey!! 

 Disclaimer - All of our vintage pieces are in good working condition (unless noted otherwise) and show patina consistent with age, which adds to their beauty and character and is not considered a defect.

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