Brass Swing-Handled Coal Bucket


We just adore this beautiful brass bucket and think it’s perfect for storing any number of things from potatoes and onions on a kitchen bench-top to kindling by a fireplace, to newspapers and magazines or knitting supplies in a living room. And you don’t have to live in a rustic interior to make this piece sing. Quite the contrary. The secret of creating beautifully layered interiors is integrating special old pieces like this, that speak of their past lives through their patina and utility; back into our modern environments. The contrast of materiality and texture can be just the magic ingredient to make a room memorable.     

Dimensions: 41cm L x 33cm W

Disclaimer - All of our vintage pieces are in good working condition (unless noted otherwise) and show patina consistent with age, which adds to their beauty and character and is not considered a defect.

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