Gabriella Raffia Bag with Bamboo Handles

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Dimensions Approx. 48 x 38 cm. 

Given the completely handmade nature of the bag there may be slight variations in size and small imperfections, commensurate with hand crafting techniques. 

Why we love it:

This gorgeous Gabriella hand woven raffia bag with its bamboo handles, viscose lining, magnetic closure and a zippered inside pocket, is not only fabulously stylish but incredibly evocative for our Co-Founder Catherine….

...Who remembers sitting excitedly at the Overseas Passenger Terminal when she was a five-year-old - pressed up against the bars as her arms tossed streamers into the air towards the enormous Himalaya P & O Cruise Ship, departing from the dock, readying to head off on an around the world trip with her beloved grandparents, Mama & Pa on board. 

Seared into memory, alongside her whole body willing the rippling streamers to reach the deck of the ship, blasting its farewell horns as its engines roared reversing, shuddering, seeming to shift the very ground beneath them, churning the sea and her mother’s tears - are the beautiful woven hand bags her Mama had on her arm that day. She was so poised embarking on an extraordinary adventure, the likes of which our family had never known. She was timelessly elegant. And the Gabriella bag will always remind me of her. x   

About the Brand:

Caterina Bertini is a third-generation artisan of the Bertini family, who began hand crafting natural fibre accessories in 1925 in Florence Italy. The present collection, still entirely handmade in Italy, draws on the company’s extensive archives of the 60’s and 70’s, and uses antique production methods such as crochet, macrame, interweaving and knits, with a recurring element of wool sourced from the nearby city of Prato. Each piece is unique and super scootchy.


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