Henley Table Lamp


Dimensions: Approx.  Height 32cm x Diameter 25cm

Why we love it :

The transformative power that the Henley lamp has on a room is a beautiful thing to witness. It will add warmth through its natural brown hues, a dose of luxury through its silk materials and bring so much character to your surfaces and coffee tables through its unique, curvy shape. Not to mention how its diffused glow will create that perfect bit of mood lighting too.  

Layer this table lamp with some golden votives and watch the magic happen. Different layers of light create such a textural effect, which creates depth, intrigue and interest. You can change the feel of your living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway at the touch of a button with this beautiful centrepiece. Just remember to leave some areas in shadow to create additional depth, not to mention interesting effects.

In-store pickup available

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